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A cookbook from the heart of Haiti...

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Tap Tap Diaries is one chef's journey of culinary discovery across Haiti's 10 "départements"

At each stop, armed with his years of culinary experience, Chef Jouvens Jean will be fulfilling a childhood dream of scouring The Pearl of the Antilles for any recipe, ingredient or technique he can find. Like any artist, he'll bring to bear his own background and flair in tweaking and modernizing what he takes in around him.

His ride for this cross-country trek: a food truck decorated as a tap tap, Haiti's famously ornate and wibrantly colored mass-transit solution. The tap taps lively colors pale in comparison though, with the Haitian people themselves, who are at the core of — this whole experience... They'll be the ones Chef Jouvens trades knowhow and tales with, and the ones he'll cook for along the way. They're also the ones he hopes to inspire, even just a little, through the story of his own life thus far

More than a recipe book, Tap Tap Diaries is an exceptional journey through the unique bounty and beauty of Haiti and its people.

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Roadside Photography

Stunning images of Chef Jouvens cross-country journey that document everyday Haiti, from its bustling urban centers to its pristine countryside vistas. And obviously lots of food, too!


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